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Barefoot-friendly Ballerina Flats (Pre-Order) - COTTON

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<1017 19,8 - 20,432
10,1 - 1118 20,5 - 2133
11,1 - 11,619 21,1 - 21,734
11,7 - 12,320 21,8 - 22,335
12,4 - 1321 22,4 - 2336
13,1 - 13,722 23,1 - 23,637
13,8 - 14,423 23,7 - 24,338
14,5 - 1524 24,4 - 2539
15,1 - 15,625 25,1 - 25,740
15,7 - 16,326 25,8 - 26,341
16,4 - 1727 26,4 - 2742
17,1 - 17,728 27,1 - 27,743
17,8 - 18,429 27,8 - 28,344
18,5 - 1930 28,4 - 2945
19,1 - 19,731 29,1 - 29,746
   29,8 - 30,447

How to measure your foot size?
Please follow our instructions here.

Te vaše balerinke imam vsakodnevno v službi že dve leti. Super so, še posebej za mojo nogo, ki ima halux in me vsak čevelj  žuli. Edini minus je da se noge prav razvadijo na tako udobje :) lep dan.

Balerinke so ... ne najdem pravih besed .... FANTASTIČNE!!! :)
Kot copati, mehke in sila udobne!
Prvi, vendar zagotovo ne zadnji nakup!!!



Balerinke so na "prvo nogo" top...jih nosim po hiši, jutri pa v službo. Tudi velikost je ustrezna. Na golo nogo so super udobne, občutek mehkobe, domačnosti in take sproščene, pa še lepo zgledajo, nevsiljive in za povsod. Noben te nemore grdo gledat, ce imas to obuto. Hvala.


... Hkrati moram pa še pohvaliti vaše čudovite izdelke, če bi lahko, bi menda pokupila kar vse! Nekaj let že veselo skačem naokrog v vaših balerinkah, tokrat boste obuli pa še tri četrtine mojih otrok. :D
Lep teden vam želim.

Najboljše balerinke od pomladi do jeseni. Ko je mrzlo, nas grejejo (recimo v tem vremenu), ko je vroče pa noge ne gorijo. Super zadovoljna. Hvala



Danes sem prejela vaše balerinke: črne s pikami. Res so udobne: vauuu. Pa še mehke zraven. To sem iskala.

Liebes Ursanina-Team, ich habe heute meine Bestellung bekommen und bin total begeistert.
Die Ballerinas und die Schuh-Clips sind soooooooooooooo schön J. So schöne Ballerinas habe ich in Deutschland noch nicht gefunden…
Vielen Dank dafür und liebe Grüße




Pozdravljena, balerinke so čudovite, kot da bi hodila v copatah. Hvala.

Najbolšje balerinke kar sem jih kdaj kupila  brez nogavic, lahke in najboljše!


Res so super. Ni bojazni za žulje. Kot bi bila cel dan v copatih.


Balerinke so prispele in so prekrasne!!!! Kot ulite, noro udobne in res kjut! Še enkrat najlepša hvala, lp,


100x hvala za balerinke! Tako udobnih nisem imela še nikoli v življenju. Res so super lepe in udobne ;-).
Vse dobro še naprej,


U...rsanina ballerinas are beautiful
R...ealy nice and colorful.
S...o, what pair do you want ya,
A...sking you Antoni Ja?
N...ow spring is comming out
I...magine in ballerinas we will walking out.
N...ow i will click like on this post
A...nd wait for a little luck at most.

Barefoot footwear is footwear designed to mimics barefoot walking by:

  • having a slimmer, softer and completely adjustable sole
  • having no heel
  • not having a supported foot arch and no hard heel
  • staying on your feet (opposite to slippers, clogs ...)
  • gives you enough room at the toe area to wiggle your toes

Comfortable, light, breathable and soft Ursanina ballerina flats are the favorite spring/summer shoes of active urban women who love to be relaxed, charming and playful.

What makes them special is their sole, made from 100% wool felt that helps your feet keep dry by minimizing sweating and thus making them most comfortably worn barefoot, without socks.

The sole is fully flexible and allows for healthy natural walking, almost as if you were walking barefoot. They are also suitable for those with the most sensitive feet.

It is additionally protected by a layer of non-slip natural rubber.

The upper part is made of cotton or microfibre and has no hard parts - you will not be scarred or get any blisters.

Weighing only at 150g per pair, they are the ideal travel shoe. They are no bigger than a folded Cosmopolitan and can be easily packed into a handbag or suitcase.

They are available in many color variants, and in combination with our leather shoe clips (separate product), the color combinations are almost endless.

Ideal for walks in dry warm weather, for office, school hallways, or for work around home, these comfortable Ursanina ballerinas are a must-have for any active modern woman.

Barefoot ballerinas have no heel. You will feel grounded at all times.

If you like an even more reliable and comfortable shoe, we can also add a strap around your ankle.
In this case please measure your foot just above your ankle and inform us of your measurement in centimetres.

Ursanina ballerina flats stretch by almost half a size after a few days of use. Please note the cotton models stretch a bit more than the microfiber ones.
When you try them on for the first time, they will most likely feel (too) tight. In this case, we advise you to wear your ballerinas around the apartment for a few days to stretch them.
You can speed up the process by lightly spraying the front of the shoe with water and tightly stuffing them with soft plastic bags. Leave for a day or two and try them on again. If they still seem too tight, you probably need a larger number or a tailored cut.

If our basic model does not fit the width and shape of your foot (check the dimensions in the table below), we can make custom shaped ballerinas for you. All we need is a precise outline of your foot, in millimeters, sent to us by post (Urša Cigler, Rožna ulica 25, 1000 Ljubljana), scanned at or simply as an attachment to your order. 
IMPORTANT: Please follow our instructions for correct measurement of your foot size by clicking here. In case you do not comply with these instructions, your measurement may result in production of shoes that will not fit your foot.

All Ursanina barefoot-friendly ballerinas are made within 10-14 days of your payment.

You may choose from the following EU sizes: 36-43. Other numbers are only available as custom order.

Sole: wool felt and rubber
Exterior: Cotton fabric or microfiber
Strap (optional) - genuine leather

When ballerinas get dusty, vacuum them, or wipe them with a damp cloth.
They can be washed in a washing machine at 30°C (wool program!) using a very gentle soap for wool.
Before the first use we advise you to spray the shoes with waterproofing insulation spray. 


EU SIZEFoot LengthFoot Width
22,4-23,0 cm
9,2 cm
23,1-23,6 cm
9,0 cm
23,7-24,3 cm
9,4 cm
24,4-25,0 cm
9,7 cm
25,1-25,7 cm
9,8 cm
25,8-26,3 cm
10,2 cm
26,4-27,0 cm
10,6 cm
27,1-27,7 cm
10,9 cm













SoleOff white
Upper partVarious. Choose from the list.
Upper partCotton
SoleWool Rubber