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Why Ursanina?

Because I am Urša and I am Nina. Because Ursanina sounds soft, warm, comfortable, and because it nicely describes my products.

I am an art teacher by profession, in life mostly a creator: painting, photography, sculpting, face painting, manufacturing dolls, ... And somewhere in between making useful products from colorful natural wool felt.

My hobby has now become my job, and there's no life without hobbies: in addition to my job I very much enjoy my hobby - singing in an XL vocal group Perpetuum Jazzile.

But if I had to choose what I love doing the most - it would have to be 'being a mom to my little boy Tine'. He is responsible for the initial idea and launch of baby slippers collection, which is growing with his foot and he's also the never-ending inspiration of its new combinations.

Welcome to the diverse, colorful Ursanina world!