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Privacy Policy

Who are we

URL address of our webshop is
Operated by:
Ursanina, Urška Nina Cigler, umetniško ustvarjanje, s.p.
Rožna ulica 25
1000 Ljubljana
VAT nr.: 61607622
Registration number: 6638368000
AJPES entry date: 01.07.2014
Primary occupation: 90.030 (Umetniško ustvarjanje / Artistic creation)

What typ od personal data are we collectin and why?


If you have subscribed to our newsletter, you will occasionally receive various informative or marketing messages on your subscribed email address. The system we use (MailChimp) stores your IP address in the database, solely because of the need to prevent system abuse. We also store a list of clicks on individual links within each sent e-newsletter, exclusively for statistics.

Personal data

In order to send you an order, you must, when submitting your order, provide your personal information: name, surname, address, post and place, email and phone number. You can edit your personal information in a user profile. does not use SMS (mobile text) marketing.

Telephone numbers

We need a phone number to:
- easier communication in case of solving problems related to your order
- personal contact of the supplier in case of delivery with GLS

User accounts

In case you have opened your user account, you can store your personal information in it and monitor your current purchases. You can also submit an order without registering a user account. In this case, too, a provision is in place for the submission of personal data for the purpose of delivery or service of your order.


Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics to manage website visit statistics on a website.
Facebook Pixel
Using the FB pixel, we track the statistics of a website visit coming from the Facebook and Instagram platforms. Facebook pixel is a "JavaScript" code that allows us to collect information about our visitors. It helps us: Monitor conversions of Facebook ads, optimize ads based on the information we have gained, build a target audience for future ads, and re-target people who already have any interaction on our website.

With whom we share your information and why

Website shares your business data:

Google (Analytics) - a website analyst
Facebook, Instagram - analysis and optimization of targeted advertising
MailChimp - sending various notifications via email
PayPal - online payment system
Pošta Slovenije - delivery of shipments
GLS - delivery of shipments

Server and hosting administrator: Rokreativa, Rok Kelvišar s.p.
Website administrator: Spletodrom, Elvis Sedić, s.p.

How long and where your information is stored

The data is stored until the cancellation on the servers of the above-mentioned online companies: Google, Facebook, MailChimp, Paypal.

Our website, including your personal information, is hosted by

Administrator of the server: Rokreativa, Rok Kelvišar s.p.

Website administrator: Spletodrom, Elvis Sedić, s.p.

Your email address, subscribed to our newsletter, is saved until you unsubscribe.


What rights do you have regading your information

According to the GDPR (Article 12-22), you have the right:

  • be informed about the use and the way we process your personal information
  • to access to your personal information
  • to correction and deletion of your data
  • to request complete deletion of your personal information from our databases (the right to erasure ot to be forgotten)
  • to restriction of processing
  • to data portability
  • to object
  • to automated individual decision-making

More information

How do we protect your information

We store your information on a secure server at ( d.o.o.), where we also host a web site.
Web administrator (hosting):, Rokreativa, Rok Kelvišar s.p.