Baby and Toddler Wool Felt Slippers

Baby and toddler wool felt slippers Ursanina are made of 100% merino wool felt, ensuring warm yet dry feet and the most comfortable feel. From size 18 on they come with a non-slip sole coating, ensuring children to play and discover the world safely.
Ursanina Wool Felt Slippers for Newborns in size 17 are light and soft just like socks. 
Ursanina Baby Wool Felt Slippers come in sizes 18 and 19. They have slightly more compact sole with a non-slip coating.
Ursanina Wool Felt Slippers for Toddlers are available in sizes 20, 22 and 24. Their sole is firmer and in addition to non-slip coating comes with two rubber patches.
Bare feet or with socks, they are most suitable for kindergarten or simply strolling home and around the house.
  • NEWBORN sz. 17 (<10 cm)
  • BABY sz. 18 (11 cm) in 19 (11,7 cm)
  • TODDLER sz. 20 (13 cm), 22 (14 cm) in 24 (15 cm)
MATERIAL: wool felt (merino sheep wool)