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Bird Pin - YELLOW glam

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It was an average autumn working day at my workshop, when my eye caught a glitter shine of some golden leather, sitting on the shelf, triggering an intense brainstorm:
I want to feel as comfortable as possible at home but still feel fancy and glamorous!
I want to fell fabulous as soon as I crawl out of my bed and slip into my slippers knowing it's gonna be a glamorous day!
I want my eyes to sparkle every time I look at my glittering slippers!
And this is how the new GLAM slippers collection was born. 
The reshape 
The well recognizable rounded shape of Ursanina slippers has been slightly sharpened at the instep. The modified shape of the slippers firmly hugs  the foot preventing the slippers to fall off.  Within a few hours of walking they shape nicely around your foot becoming the most comfortable slippers ever.
Glossy leather leaves
The wool felt base is decorated with bouquets of more or less shiny and glittery leaves and twigs. Almost every pair is unique - even the left and the right slipper differ. The color combinations and shapes of accessories and their structure are most often the result of current inspiration and available color combinations of leather we have in stock. The add-ons are mostly cut from left-over leather we get from the leather designers. Quantities of individual waste leather colors are, of course, limited.
Wool is amazing!
Like all Ursanina slippers, these are also made of premium merino wool felt. Except for the leather decorations, of course. Consequently, your feet will not sweat as they are very breathable and suitable to wear in all seasons. In the winter time, they will keep your feet nice and warm and in the summer they will allow your feet to breath and not overheat.
The sole is covered by a liquid rubber coating, preventing them to slip. If you have slippery stairs or if you like to walk in the garden in your slippers, we can add two patches of rubber on your soles.
A few maintenance tips:
When they get dusty, remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner, the more persistent dust  can be removed by the adhesive tape. Simply stick it over the seam, press well and peel off. Voila! The dust will stick to the adhesive tape.
The slippers can be washed in the washing machine at 30°C – wool programme (!) using a very gentle soap for wool. Before washing, remove any dust with a vacuum cleaner. Because wool might shrink a little after washing, put the wet slippers on your feet so that they once again adapt to the shape of your feet. Then take them off and let them dry. To keep the shape you can also stuff a soft plastic bag into them. 
If you wash the slippers by hand DO NOT use a brush on any part of the slipper!
  • wool felt
  • natural and/or artificial leather
  • optional: natural rubber