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Kids Wool Felt Slippers

Kids Wool Felt Slippers

The feet of our youngest are constantly growing, evolving and changing. For toddlers, who are discovering the joys of life with their first steps, they are a window into the world. It is important they wear shoes made of quality, natural materials that allow them to develop and move healthily. Ursanina kids’ slippers are created to help them walk as naturally as possible on their path to independence.

They are made of 100% wool felt, giving the feet airiness - they will be pleasantly warm in winter and will not sweat during the warmer months.

Because these tiny feet grow so fast, we designed slippers for three age groups:



There’s nothing more adorable than baby’s feet. Ursanina baby slippers are, of course, cute little things that you can easily have as a decoration on your shelf. You can put them on your baby's bare feet or over socks. It will not irritate their skin as they are made of thin wool felt that is light, soft and pleasant to the touch. The slippers are tied around the ankles with soft cotton straps to keep them from falling off the feet.

Slipper sizes: 17, 18 and 19



As toddlers swap all fours for twos, they begin to discover the world's new dimensions. Try to catch them at it - if you can! Ursanina's toddler slippers are airy and light, and they have a non-slip coating on the soles with two rubber patches. They can proudly parade in them around home and in kindergarten, and they can wear them barefoot or with socks. For a more stable grip on the foot, they can be tied around the ankle with cotton straps that can be easily removed if not needed.

Slipper sizes: 20, 22 and 24



School is a unique challenge for children, and they need a lot of support to thrive, be able to express themselves and develop in their own lovely way. Beautiful, colorful and comfortable school slippers will give them the confidence to shine. A gentle run through the school hallways will be completely safe, as slippers have two patches of non-slip rubber on the soles. Playful slippers with flowers or butterflies are available for girls, and slippers with decorative patches for boys, that make the slippers even more durable.

Slipper sizes: boys 24-38 and girls 24-37