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School Kids Wool Felt Slippers - GREEN Boy

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How to measure your foot size?
Please follow our instructions here.

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School kids wool felt slippers are soft, light, warm, non-slip and breathable. They keep your kids playful and safe while running around the home, the kindergarten, school hallways or in the gym.


Girls love them because they make them feel pretty. Boys find them most suitable for chasing each other, whereas mums feel calm knowing they are safe and healthy. And I like them because I know my son’s feet will not overheat in hot summer days and will keep pleasantly warm in autumn or winter.


Natural, safe and healthy
School kids wool felt slippers Ursanina are made of 100% wool felt.  Wool's exceptional properties are making your child’s feet cool and not overheat. They are equally comfortable and pleasant worn barefoot or wearing them with socks. Wool felt slippers are highly recommended for kids that suffer from excessive sweating and fungal infection.

For extra safety, 2 non-slip natural rubber patches are added to the sole.

Style and design

Children can choose between various color combinations and two models: princess style with flowers or butterflies for girls and playful ones with decorative patches for boys.


In case you are unsure about the size, measure your kid's foot and search for the right size in our sizing chart.
Dimensions in centimeters represent the length of the foot. Measure the foot length by making your child stand on a piece of paper and outline their foot, holding a pencil in a horizontal position. Please watch this video for detailed instructions. The outline should be precise as a few millimeters smaller or larger outline may result in size difference. Then measure the outline from toe to heel and verify which number corresponds to the length.



Boys 24-38

Girls 24-37

If your kid's foot is bigger than our available sizes, you can check out our adult models or order the custom shaped slippers here.

MATERIAL: 100% wool felt

SOLE: wool felt, rubber