Women's Wool Felt Slippers - Ballerina RED G

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For everything you feel like doing!

Feather-light slippers suit every style or feeling. You may be dancing or walking in handstand, these ballerina-shaped wool felt slippers will stay where they are supposed to. If you are always on the go, your feet will love these. Soft, warm, breathable, with slightly lifted heel. Elegant minimalism for your feel-free moments.


Ursanina ballerina women's felt slippers are made of 100% woolen felt. Due to its unique natural characteristics, your feet will feel pleasantly calm in Ursanina women's felt slippers both in winter and in summer. They will not sweat because the wool breathes and radiates heat.


These slippers have rubber soles. They are flat with no added heel.


Since the felt is a flexible material, the shoe is well formed on the leg after a few days of wearing. 


Quick maintenance tips:

  • When the slippers get dusty, they should be slaked or stamped. More persistent dust is removed with an adhesive tape. How? Simply stick it over the seam, press well and peel off. Voila! The dust will be applied to the adhesive tape.
  • We do not brush our shoes (nor soles), as the fabric will crawl or tear.
  • Wash them in a washing machine, on a wool program at 30°C, with gentle wool detergent. Vacuum them before washing. Since wool slightly shrinks by washing, after washing insert bare feet to form their shape again. Then let them dry. We can also fill them with soft polybags to keep their shape.

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